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Wedding Day: Emergency Kit

If you’re planning your wedding day, you should definitely put together a wedding day emergency kit. We all plan for the best but you can’t see the future and theres always something that can go amiss.

You probably have a purse with all sorts of ‘Must haves’… but what things should you bring to your wedding?

If you’re the maid of honor, mother of the bride, or the bride, bringing along a wedding day emergency kit is always a good idea.

As a destination wedding photographer I’ve taken note of all the things that have been needed on wedding days and made you a list!

  • Body tape. This goes without saying, but I think every bridesmaid from every wedding uses body tape in some way or form. Just bring some. Bring extra to share. You outfit will thank you.
  • Skin colored bandaids. Nobody plans to get cut or blister on wedding day but it happens unfortunately and the best thing is body colored bandaids to cover the area. A bandaid that is close to the skin color will also be camouflaged in photos which is what we like!
  • Deodorant. LOL I feel like I shouldn’t have to include this but the amount of times nobody seems to find deodorant on the morning of wedding day is actually insane. Even better if you get some unisex sticks to share with the bridal party.
  • Needle and thread. Or small sewing kit. Theres always that onneee person who rips their pants or breaks a string on their dress. A wedding day sewing emergency happens too often. It is so easy to repair simple tears with a needle and thread too!
  • Mints or gum. I think this gets overlooked but its so handy especially since the bridal party + family are all going to be standing close to each other for photos! As a wedding photographer, I recommend gum for getting ready and then mints throughout the day so you don’t have a big piece of gum in during group photos.
  • Stain stick / Tide Pen. This comes in handy in a pinch during getting ready when someone accidentally spills on their bridesmaid dress. We don’t want stains during group photos or the ceremony! A lot more spills will happen later on the dance floor but we don’t worry about those since the main photos have already been taken.
  • Lidocaine spray. Whoever started this as the heel number for the girls is a true hero. Spray this on your heels before putting on those high wedding day heels. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Lint roller. Especiallyy if you have anyone wearing dark colored suits. You need to give them a quick swipe before photos.
  • Pain relievers. Advil, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen. Someone is bound to be hungover, or have a headache. Wedding days are not the time to be suffering.
  • Safety pins. There are SO many uses for these little guys! I use them constantly for easy fixes to annoying problems.
  • Narcan. Listen, wedding days tend to be the one time people like to go a little tooo crazy and you can never be too prepared. While this isn’t something you as the Bride should be directly involved with, give it to your wedding planner, or DJ just in case.
  • Phone chargers. Of ALL days this is when you do not want your phone to die, especially if you love taking fun little videos! Bring a few extra if you can because I promise you they’ll get used.
  • Sunscreen. If you’re wearing makeup don’t forget you might want to put some sunscreen on the rest of your body! Even the groomsmen will want this if you’re having a summer wedding. I personally love mineral sunscreen with clean ingredients that won’t harm your skin or the earth.

There you have it, the wedding day emergency kit from a wedding photographer who has seen every sort of mishap.

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As a little added bonus, don’t forget to add these to your wedding day list!

Menstrual products, makeup remover and makeup kit, tweezers, nail clippers, hair spray, hair accessories ie bobby pins and hair ties. Oral hygiene products ie floss, brush, paste, mouthwash, lip balm.

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