I'm just a 20-something girl who loves romanticizing how wonderful life is through a camera. 

Annndd while I may have a bit of trouble getting to the punch line while verbally recounting my day to Jer, I am SO delightfully good at telling your story, through beautiful photos of course.  

I'm a girl who loves a good story, whether its reading a book, watching a movie, or telling my husband about that-one-thing-that-happened-to-me-today-but-going-off-on-17-different-rabbit-trails-to-get-to-the-point kind of story… I'm 100% here for them all. 

I however picked it up and felt so much joy from playing around with it. From then on I always found a way to get a camera in my hands, and beginning in my early teens friends would ask me to take candids and bts photos at their weddings or events in exchange for a couple hundred dollars. So in 2018 I started my business, and have never looked back. Photography brings me so much joy, not just only taking the photos, but interacting with YOU and learning your story and feeling your happiness when you see the final gallery. Taking photos is a form of art that I never want to stop doing.

She didn't use it much outside of family birthdays, (which I guess was kind've a lot since there are 10 of us kids!)

When I was around 7 years old, my Dad bought my Mom a digital Kodak point-and-shoot.

I know, I don't get it either I just reallyyy love it. The way it looks blowing in the wind, the way the sun catches its blades, the way it smells right when its been cut. The way it feels on your bare feet as you run across it full speed. Everythingggg.

Specifically homemade and fresh from the oven so the butter melts all over it. I made two loaves and ate them both almost entirely by myself in 4 days. I am not proud of it, I just couldn't stop because its so. damn. good.

 I love driving fast, I love driving in softly falling snow, I love long road trips alone blasting the car-aoke playlist and singing my throat raw. & I love driving in the rain with the windows down and heated seat on. Ugh I'll be right back I need to go for a drive. 

4. DIY
I'm one of those people who really does think that with the right tutorial and some time, I could diy anything. Its proven to be false *numerous* times but that doesn't stop me from trying.   

I'm a nature girlie and I love to be active. I love playing pickup sports at the park, wake surfing, horseback riding, paddle boarding, golf, camping, dirtbiking, and snowboarding. I'm not a professional at any of these, but I firmly believe you don't have to be great at something to love it.

A lot of people expect photographers to say something like, "I like iced coffee, golden hour, and love"…..and I do! I like all of those things. Surprise shawtyyyy ! So I guess you can say I AM like every other b*tch. But here's another list of things I'm obsessed with that you mayy not expect:

"I haven't been everywhere, but its on my list." -Susan Sontag (& me)

has passport will use it

Unless the location of your choice is under active distress, I will absolutely fly there to photograph your wedding or elopement. Specifically, I'd loooove to photograph in Italy, Switzerland, & literally any of the National Parks in the USA. I visited Zion during winter and let me TELL you, it was insanely gorgeous and there really weren't any crowds! 10/10 recommend.     

Recent years I've been to Alaska, Zion NP, Canyonlands NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, and all over the PNW. I can confirm they're all exceptional places to say 'I Do'.

Esther did such a beautiful job at capturing such a special day for us. I have been in awe over our gallery and can’t believe how gorgeous each photo is. I cannot recommend Esther enough!
- Adrianne

All I have to say about Esther is WOW! From the start, we appreciated not only her professionalism and responsiveness but also how FUN it is to work with her. We were absolutely blown away by not only how beautiful they are but also how she captured the emotion and vibe of our wedding day PERFECTLY. Booking Esther was one of the best decisions we made while planning our wedding and we are so grateful for her and the exceptional service she provided us! 

Esther exceeded everything we could have hoped for in our wedding photographer! She captured our day perfectly! Esther is so fun and personable and truly makes you feel comfortable in front of her camera. Highly recommend and would love to book her again!!
- Mollee

Esther did an AMAZING job on our photos! We’ve used other photographers in the past and have always felt awkward but Esther made us feel comfortable and was so easy to be around! She put us in all the right poses and captured the perfect candid shots as well. I’d recommend Esther hands down and will continue to use her in the future!

Esther was amazing and I am so glad I found her to photograph my wedding! She made us feel so comfortable. I couldn’t believe how beautiful our photos turned out and had a hard time deciding which ones to frame because there were so many!!