Weather on your Wedding Day

Weather plays an important role on your wedding day. No matter where you get married, you might run into issues with the weather not doing exactly what you were hoping it was going to. As a destination wedding photographer, I have photographed all different types of weather and learned a thing or two. Hopefully after reading this blog post you’ll be more prepared than ever!

The first thing to think about when planning for weather on your date is taking into consideration location and time of year. Most everywhere will have a consistent weather predictability throughout the year.

For example; Spring and fall will be rainy, with lower temperature’s and even some snow, while summer will be hot with little chance of rain, and winter reliably cold with high chance of rain & snow. Here in Bend, Oregon, you likely won’t face rain mid June– early September. But it does happen! Late August through September is usually wildfire season and thus brings out heavy smoke.

Plan your wedding date accordingly with the wedding venue location in mind.


We’re all familiar with the seasonal weather but how do we combat an unexpected turn of events? My best advice to you is *plan for the unexpected*. Hiring a good wedding coordinator will go so far to help with this! After all, you are the guest of honor at your wedding not the host.

Here’s some common weather and how you can be prepared no matter what happens. I’ve got your back sis 🙂


If your wedding date is in shoulder season ie spring or autumn, then expect some precipitation. If you are getting married in a month and don’t expect rain then still have a backup plan just in case! Things that will go really far on a rainy wedding day:

  • Umbrellas. For the bridal party and guests. If you provide them you can even make them aesthetically pleasing by providing simple black, white, or clear and ensuring a guest won’t have their favorite football teams colors front and center in your ceremony.
  • Covered area. This might be a tent rental, a pavilion, or an entire indoor location you can switch to. Whatever it is, consider having it set up beautifully even if you aren’t expecting rain.
  • Blankets. Even in a covered tent or pavilion where its dry, consider providing blankets for your guests to keep warm.
  • A good attitude and playful spirit. Rain might not be your ideal wedding weather, but you’re still getting married!! You can still have a wonderful day and even get really romantic photographs with your spouse. & rain is good luck on a wedding day!


Wind is one of those things that no one plans for and it can show up quite literally anytime. Unless you’re getting married in a location that is known for being windy, it will probably just get windy out of now where. The main concern with wind is the cold it usually brings with it, and the fact that it can blow over anything that isn’t secure. But heres a few things you can do to be prepared!

  • Heaters. Those tall patio heaters are a wedding must have if you’re getting married exclusively outdoors.
  • Hand warmers. Again, heat! These help much if you’re having an outdoor intimate wedding or elopement.
  • Fire. Whether its a wood campfire, or propane fire, guests will love this to warm up!
  • A team to secure flying items. Most commonly, linens and the items on them will go flying during higher winds. Having a team of people that will go secure them or disassemble as needed is great. This again is where hiring a good wedding coordinator comes in!
  • Secondary location. I hate to be repetitive but again, having a covered area to retreat to is so key when it comes to surviving high winds!


Typically, you will only have to think about snow if you’re having a winter wedding. If you are having an autumn or spring wedding somewhere that does tend to get snow on those shoulder months, consider being prepared just in case!

  • Layers. I know I know, you’re going to be in your wedding best and you want everyone to see. BUT you also want to have options in case it is quite cold! Consider noting on your wedding website to have guest bring layers just in case. Especially if they are traveling from any distance!
  • Hand warmers. I bring these to all my snow sessions because they work so well to keep up the heat. You could have a basket to pass around to guests if you wish.
  • Deicer. The less sexy part of snow is the aftermath which can be ice. If you want to make sure you and your wedding guests aren’t slipping around, make sure your venue or coordinator are taking care of deicing the walkways.
  • Multiple heat sources. Depending on if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, or completely indoors, make sure you have ample heat sources for you and your guests.
  • A photographer down for anything…..I assume you’re getting married in the winter because you want those epic romantic snowy photos?? You’ll need someone who down for the cold and the wet to capture those photographs for you. Hire me immediately. (I love snow)


You might be thinking, “wait what? Thats what we want!”. Yes! I am there with you. But, as will all types of weather, you have to keep the comfort of you and your guests in mind. Sun can be beautiful and warm. It can also be excruciatingly hot and relentless. Heres some tips to make the most out of it either way:

  • Sun-brellas. Whether you’re opting for those large 5 person patio umbrellas, or the adorable 1 per person parasols, give your guests the gift of shade. Especially if your wedding ceremony and cocktail is outside.
  • Hydration. Most wedding guests won’t be toting around a Stanley cup, so make sure they have an open source to water.
  • Option to head for cover. Again, most venues will have an outdoor / indoor option. Make it available for guests!

For other types of weather including hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, stay calm and talk to your wedding coordinator! There is always something you can do to save the day.

& don’t forget, if you’re expecting some precipitation, bulletproof your hair and makeup against the elements!

If you found this helpful, share it with your engaged friends. <3