Snowy Winter Elopement Inspo

Emily + Pieter had their intimate backyard wedding back in September, and they didn’t fancy doing an engagement shoot so instead we opted for a snowy winter couples photoshoot afterward. Here in Bend Oregon, you really cannot count on the weather to be consistent, so even though it was mid December there wasn’t any snow in town or even out at the snow parks where we had originally planned the location for the snowy winter photoshoot. Thats the thing about planning during the winter, you just have to roll with the punches. Luckily E + P are SO chill and we changed plans to head up further in elevation in hopes to catch some snow. Spoiler… it was worth it—- (If you’re planning your snowy winter elopement, consider this location babe)

snowy winter mountain scene with couple posting in bend oregon for engagement photos

Being a Bend elopement photographer, I am well acquainted with these beautiful snowy mountain peaks. But somehow I never get tired of hanging out with them. Year round they offer something of an undefined sense of awe.

Snow always makes me feel playful and free. I wanted to really bring that to the photos. I’m so grateful that my couples are down for being playful and carefree <3.

I love experimenting with double exposures in-camera, which you’ll see here. Two photos layered on top of each other with no photoshop involved. Finding ways to add little creative elements to your gallery is my joy. Thats one of the best parts of engagements and elopements, you have so much room to be creative and have fun with it!

While this isn’t the best location for summer shoots, as there isn’t summer parking available, this is the perfect winter shoot location if you want good mountain views like this. The snow pack was just perfect to be able to access this open field area and there wasn’t more than a few other people around! We only saw some snowmobiles and cross country skiiers and one other group taking family portraits. This would be an ideal winter elopement location!

Emily and Pieter are very adventurous and wanted to include that element which I always encourage. Among a myriad of things they ski & snowboard. Of course we broke those bad boys out!

(A snowy winter elopement on skis would be so fun, if you agree just let me know)

Goofing off is like 50% of a photoshoot with me so of course we had some funny fails—

Then the desired action shot

Being an avid camper and outdoorsy girl myself, I LOVE photographing my couples in their natural habitat. Getting outside is one of the many joys of my job! Whether its your engagement, wedding, or elopement, I 100% encourage you to add in those tailored elements to really make the day *you*.

Eloping in Oregon and looking for an Oregon elopement photographer that doesn’t take boring photos? YOU FOUND ME! I’m a destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Bend Oregon. (And i love snowy winter elopements!!) Lets meet and talk alllll the deets <3

hands and mountain double exposure photo