couples photographed at fivepine lodge in sisters oregon

FivePine Lodge Cozy Anniversary in a Cabin

I photographed Sara + Jase’s elopement here at FivePine Lodge two years ago, and they came back to stay here again for their anniversary! Sara messaged me that she wanted some sweet memories saved in photographs from their anniversary. So of coursee I made a Pinterest board of cozy, soft, and romantic inspiration. I really wanted to capture the essence of their relationship here in this cabin. I’m an elopement and wedding photographer, so getting to photograph in-home cozy couples sessions like this is always SO enjoyable. Getting to be creative without the time constraints of a wedding day is lovely.

romantic photo of a couple in a cabin at fivepine lodge in oregon

When photographing sessions like this anniversary, or in-home couples photo sessions, I always tell my couples to think of what they would be doing naturally and incorporate that. If jumping around on the bed pillow fighting is something you and your spouse might find yourself doing (guilty as charged your honor lol) then lets capture the playfulness of your relationship! If the thought of that sounds completely unlike you, then lets gear it more towards something you two would do. Its so important to bring in real aspects of your personalities when capturing you. Snuggles with a homemade cocktail might be right up your alley!

Props are always fun but I want to keep them *realistic* to you. Each couple I photograph is unique and interesting in their own way, theres no reason to try and make them someone they’re not. (Reminder that most cabins and hotels are non-smoking so be sure to only do so outside)

FivePine Lodge is very romantic standing alone, but its such an extra special place to return to for your wedding anniversary! The sights, sounds, and smells of returning to an exact location can bring back vivid memories from your time there before. December at FivePine Lodge is crisp, and the air smells faintly of nearby woodsmoke and pine needles. If you see the sun, it bathes everything in a warm soft light. You will most definitely hear some birds and a squirrel or two chirping out in the ponderosa pine tree tops.

We got lucky and at the end of our photos we caught the fog, and with it a herd of deer grazing. I love photographing in places where the wildlife make an appearance!

If you’re looking for a romantic and very inclusive place to elope, FivePine Lodge is somewhere you should check out! I’ve photographed many elopements here and all of my couples have loved it. And, you can always return for anniversaries too just like S + J here 🙂

Getting some fomo and want soft intimate photos of you and your boo? I love itt. Lets chat and make it happen!