Waterfall Elopement at Proxy Falls

Obsessing over waterfall elopements lately. This was a day-after adventure bridal session the day after Owen + Landry’s wedding. Their wedding was an outdoor wedding in Tumalo, so they wanted more photos that were a completely different vibe than their wedding day photos. I think we absolutely nailed ittt. As a destination wedding photographer, getting to shoot photos with my wedding couples at such epic locations makes me hyped af. More waterfall elopements pleaseeee

We honestly got so lucky with almost zero people around. I think there were 3 people there that left right as they saw us arrive. This is a huge advantage of choosing a day during the middle the week. We went on a Sunday, so we definitely couldn’t have been happier with the low crowds. When planning your own destination elopement, I recommend trying to go in the middle of the week if where you’re going is a tourist location. Proxy falls isn’t as busy as some of the other elopement locations in Oregon but some falls are even somewhat busy during the week. Most tourists will be incredibly respectful and try to give you room if they see you in a wedding dress, but its also good to try and avoid crowds whenever possible.

Close up under the waterfall, the mist is so heavy you’ll be drenched within seconds. So we saved these photos for last. I’m obsessed with my Brides & Grooms who are up for adventure and will be down to clown under the waterfall with me. It makes for THE most fun memories (and photos of course lol)

They even suggested I get under and they take my camera for a few photos— how can I say no to such a sweet gesture??? OBVIOUSLY I COULD NOT!! Thats me there, falling on the slippery moss covered rocks at the base of the waterfall. I love looking at these photos because it reminds me of how much a fcking love shooting destination elopements. I mean, come on. This waterfall is unreal. Thanks O + L for taking me and then taking a few snapshots of me living the dream day at work. ily guys.

Before arriving at Proxy falls, we stopped in for a quick minute at the Dee Wright Observatory. I had never been here before and they showed me around the sights. Its a massive lava field as far as the eye can see, with the mountains peaking out on nearly all sides. Definitely a different feel than the Proxy falls and worth a stop!

Have i mentioned I love photographing destination waterfall elopements? Hire me for yours 😉

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