Suttle Lake Proposal in Bend Oregon

This Suttle Lake Proposal in Bend Oregon was straight out of a poem. (a really good poem too) Chandler reached out to me after finding me from a google search, and we hopped on a quick phone chat to go over ideas and plans. We quickly decided that the best option would be to plan for the dock proposal location out overlooking Suttle Lake and the forest. With the pavilion on the lawn back of the lodge as a backup in case of poor weather conditions. Just to be safe, I took a drive out to Suttle Lake Lodge a few days prior to the date to get an exact view of the different locations….. which is always a good idea when possible!

The day of the proposal came quickly and after watching the forecast we decide to go ahead with the dock location. Arriving early enough to get my camera and gear set up and scope things out yet again, I actually had the chance to meet chandler about 15 before the proposal. Naturally we were both excited and a bit nervouss. (!!) Of course everything went so perfectly and Julia said yes 🙂

We explored a few different spots along the lake taking more engagement photos. That “just said yes” feeling pops through the photographs as you can seeeee. Even though the weather was a bit moody this day, it definitely only adds to the romantic vibes. A little wind blown hair never hurts the photos! My favorite thing about this shoot was finding the piano in this old national forest bathroom shed — most would not consider this an ideal engagement photo location but I’m personally obsessed. The best way to find great locations for your photos is often when you’re not even looking. Of course we used the lake and forest as well 🙂

What’s your favorite photo of this Suttle Lake Proposal in Bend Oregon? Comment below or reach out on instagram, I’d love to hear from you. <3

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