destination engagement session on the beach in cabo san Lucas Mexico

Destination Engagement Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Destination engagements are a really fun way to have unique engagement photos completely different than your wedding or elopement vibe. As well as getting a fun vacation out of it! Not technically an engagement session (dude needs to hurry up and ask her!!) these two let me take their photos on this gorgeous beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you’re going to do a destination engagement, this is one way I’d definitely recommend. The ocean water on Cabo San Lucas beaches is so beautiful and the perfect temperature for rolling around in. Along this stretch of beach, you will find a lot of unique rock formations that make a really artful backdrop as well. Something to keep in mind if you are shooting on this particular side of the beaches along divorce and lovers beach is that the sun does go down behind this hill several hours before the actual sun set time. So we made sure to start quite a few hours earlier to catch some rays through the cloud cover.

You can’t tell how crowded the beaches on either side of us are, because we chose the perfect nook in the rocks to shoot…. annnnd okay maybe I edited a few people out ? 😉 Something to keep in mind when choosing a location for your destination engagement is tourist population and crowds. If the location is seasonal, I always recommend going in off season or at the very least, trying to time your shoot around the least busy times. Early mornings, or during the week is really ideal. Of course, it’s not always possible to plan for this due to scheduling complications and in those cases you just get what you get. Being surrounded by crowds isn’t always a bad thing though! In some cases I think it only adds to the art of the photos.

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