pool party wedding in oregon

Pool Party Wedding in Oregon

This pool party wedding in Oregon was SO MUCH FUN I seriously couldn’t anticipate how great this wedding day was going to be. When she had initially inquired we threw around the idea of the entire bridal party jumping into the pool after the wedding ceremony towards the end of reception, but I had no idea just how epic this was going to be. Not only from a destination wedding photographer perspective, but being there for their day as a human. They treat people so kindly and with such just genuine loveliness that I felt just so appreciated. (Ps. stick around to the end of the gallery to see us all jump in the pool together!!)

The pool party wedding was held at her grandmothers house in Prineville Oregon, and was serving alllll the retro vintage vibes. I was ecstatic about this orange carpet staircase. I firmly believe that your surroundings can add so much to the story of the day and I feel that is especially true for this beautiful house.

Jenny is serving all the gorgeous morning-of looks. When a wedding photographer says they’re going to do “getting ready” photos, this is what they mean. Hair and makeup are done, but its all the little moments after that before the wedding ceremony. Touchups, dress being put on, kiddos being kiddos. It helps tell the story of the day.

Bridesmaids photos that SLAY>>>

As a travel wedding photographer, i live for all the gorgeous wedding locations like this one! You would not believe this is in Oregon.

This backyard wedding ceremony was so intimate and beautiful. Save for to Pinterest for your own wedding day photo inspiration. 😉 (You can hover a photo for the Pin icon to come up for easy pinning.)

A moment for these bridesmaids dresses…. lovely lovely lovelyyy

The way they look at each other tells you everything. Want effortless, romantic wedding photos? Just be in love. Seriously. OH and hire a wedding photographer that can bring it.

We opted for a faux sparkler exit, so that we could be dry for the send off photos. Which turned out to be such a good idea. I think everyone at the wedding jumped in the pool after this. But take a moment to checkout this vintage bronco!! SO cool. As far as a wedding send off vehicle, this is very high on my list of epic.

OKAY **DRUM ROLLLLLL** PLEASE !!! The moment you’ve been waiting for….. THE POOL PARTY!

also thats mee jumping in with them at the end of this set :)))

We ended the night with wedding cake OF COURSE, and a few more fun creative bridal portraits in the pool. If I could shoot a pool party wedding every weekend, I totally fcking would.

I love being a travel wedding photographer and getting to experience such wonderful & epic wedding days. Each day is so different and unique. If you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer who travels, and you’re drawn to effortless + romantic wedding photos, lets chat 😉

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