Destination Elopement in Yosemite

An October styled destination elopement in Yosemite National Park, California. Yosemite National Park is HUGE, which you’ll notice just some of the vastness here in these photos of this elopement gallery. This was my first time traveling to Yosemite, and I didn’t quite know what to expect beyond seeing photos of this same meadow looking at half dome here. It takes hours to drive through the park. Partly because it is so huge, and partly because the speed limit is 25-45mph. You’ll want to plan ahead knowing the time limits and map out your desired locations. Especially because the light will be so different at each location depending on time of day! When you book me to photograph your elopement, I help you figure out all of those little important details.

bride walking away towards half dome in vintage thrifted wedding dress in yosemite national park for her destination elopement

I planned this styled elopement solo, which was SO much fun to execute. Normally, when a couple books me for an elopement I do help with majority of the planning anyway. But with this I truly was able to choose every aspect. The wedding dress here is a vintage dress I thrifted. I am OBSESSED with the sleeves and beading on this wedding dress. Its not for everyone, but i love it so much.

I made the bouquet as well, and its important to note that I learned afterward that you’re supposed to only use florals native to the park. Something to keep in mind when planning your destination elopement in Yosemite National Park!

wedding bouquet

This veil I found when I thrifted this wedding dress. I felt it fit so well with the vintage film inspired elopement I was planning here at Yosemite. I’m not sure its a choice a real bride would make, but thats what I love about planning these creative shoots, I get to make all the choicess… even if they’re a little fantastical.

For this styled elopement I really wanted to focus on un-ordinary. In my mind, elopements are so freeing and you can really take whatever approach feels right for you. And thats why I love photographing them so much. With styled elopements, I can lean into whatever wacky fun quirky i’m feeling. Its creating effortless art and making bold choices without worrying if it will pan out or not.

I totally thought it was going to be cold here in Yosemite since it was mid to end October. It was not. I wore pants and I was sweatinggg running around in the sun in this meadow. Keep that in mind when planning your own elopement at Yosemite. This was a Wednesday before noon and it was still quite busy. We actually saw another Bride and Groom getting their elopement photos here in this same meadow.

I do not shoot film, but I love to edit with film inspired coloring. Something about it leaves me feeling warm and home.

couple laying down in half dome meadow for their destination elopement in yosemite shot on film

I truly believe you need to take more chances with your wedding and elopement photos. Something beyond the standard boring “kiss and pretend to laugh” stuff. Its a snooze fest. Give me interesting, give me lived in, give me romance. Thats what my brand is all about.

couple posing for destination elopement in yosemite

Okay now that you’re completely obsessed with a filmy romantic destination elopement — lets plan yours! Contact me and lets chat alllll the details