Bend Oregon Wedding

This Bend Oregon wedding was simple, sweet and ended with big party hype as the groom DJ’ed for his party guests. Its not often I photograph weddings where the not only Bride and Groom have a party outfit change but all the guests too! It was so fun to photograph this wedding. I love when my couples infuse their personality fully into their wedding day. Getting to be apart of wedding days with so much joy and attention to detail is a delight.

black and white photo of bride and groom at bend oregon wedding

The bride and groom got ready together in their home in Bend Oregon. With their kitty close by, keeping an eye on the goings on. I don’t shoot detail photos the same one wedding day to the next, i like to let each wedding day be a new source of inspiration and creativity. These beautiful hard wood floors in their home were the perfect backdrop with some soft window light coming in from the right.

wedding day bride and groom detail photos at bend oregon wedding

I love love love photographing little wedding details of getting ready for the wedding and especially in your home. These halls are where you build your life together. The doors you passed through hundreds of times. Windows you look out daily to see the rain shine and snow. Floors you dance across to greet each other with a kiss and embrace.

A + B had their private vows written down and exchanged them outside their Bend Oregon home before leaving to go take portraits at the local park. Parks can be beautiful places to take your wedding portraits! Do not underestimate the greenery of a local city park for your wedding portraits. Especially for your Bend Oregon wedding!

creative photo of bride and groom at bend oregon wedding in the park
bride and groom portrait in green park at bend oregon wedding

In my years of being a destination wedding photographer here in Bend, Oregon, I’ve never recalled a couple that tells me they are models and excited to be in front of the camera. Typically they will give me some forewarning that they are self diagnosed as un-photogenic and awkward. I prove them wrong time and time again. Wedding after wedding, my couples tell me how much fun they had getting photographed and hanging out with me. How its not just some stiff boring thing to check off but actually a fun experience. I love to hear it. I strive to create a feeling of just vibing around and not focusing on the camera but being present with each other. This helps to translate into wedding photos that feel soft, romantic, and full of art.

bride and groom portrait in green park at bend oregon wedding

From the park taking group photos, and bridal portraits we made our way to the main venue and spent the rest of the night there. Starting with the wedding ceremony, more group photos, a special game of trivia, and of course the epic dance party.

The best thing about being a destination wedding photographer here in Bend Oregon is the amazing variation from wedding to wedding, and elopements as well. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the Bride and Groom chose to have pie. (I love pie so much btw, but also cake too hehe i’m a dessert girly through and through!!)

They opted out of traditional wedding reception activities like a bouquet or garter toss, and instead did a customized trivia game with teams to create a fun competition between their closest friends. The trivia even had hydroflask prizes for the winners– how cool?! A very Bend Oregon Wedding tbh. 🙂

Of course no wedding reception is really a party without music and dancing. The groom DJ’d for the first part of the night before joining the dance floor. If you’re planning your own wedding and looking for inspiration, consider bubble guns for your dance floor! Almost zero cleanup and such spice to the vibes.

I fcking loved photographing this Bend Oregon Wedding. The vibes were VIBIN. Like from the beginning to end it was just such fun being there.

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