adventurous destination elopement day at smith rock state park in oregon

Adventurous Smith Rock Rock Elopement

This Smith Rock elopement was the second part to a full adventure elopement day that started with snow shoeing up Tumalo Mountain, (across from Mt Bachelor.) Because their adventure day was SO filled, I will blog that separately and you can find the link to that snowy mountain-top hike and ceremony at the bottom of this page!

We stopped at Los Jalapenos to grab some burritos on the way to Smith Rock. I had never had their food before but thank you to Rachel + Patrick for showing me them because those burritos SLAYED my tastebuds in the best way. (Also it may have helped we just came from hiking up a mountain 2 miles in knee deep snow and back down lol.)

destination adventure elopement at smith rock in oregon

& of course what is an adventure elopement day without stopping for coffee?

Because they planned their adventure elopement day on a Friday in January, we almost had Smith Rock state park to ourselves. Certainly a perk of eloping in the off season of tourists. Would you believe that just an hour south of here we were hiking in snow? Oregon is unreal guys. The evening sun did feel soooo nice though after trampsing around in the winter mountains.

Smith Rock is iconic, and always a favorite to photograph elopements at. Each time I go here we find something new and different. This little cave overhang was something I’ve never noticed before and it’s so unique. To get down to the river is just a short but steep walk down the trail and across the bridge. There are many paths you can choose from, so I tend to let the inspiration guide me. Depending on the time of year, there’s several different spots I like to check out. At this late in the day during winter, the sun had already disappeared from low in the canyon and left all the shadows to start creeping in. Keep in mind if you are planning your own destination elopement at Smith Rock, the sun set will always be earlier down in the canyon than it says on the weather app!

One thing with adventure elopements… your dress just might get a bit dirty. Rachel came prepared for all the adventures of her elopement day with leggings and hiking boots. She knows whats up 😉

Smith Rock elopements are always such a pleasure to help plan and photograph, how could I say no to this epic location??

We milked the last of the light from the setting sun and toasted champagne to their marriage. Rachel made this cake herself– how talented my brides are? It tasted unbelievable as well as being adorable. The little birds on top just ahhh so fcking cute. I love photographing elopements so much and this adventurous elopement day was no exception. Thank you Rachel + Patrick for choosing me for your Smith Rock elopement!

If you’re planning your elopement day and connect with my style, don’t wait to reach out! You can get in touch with me HERE — I cannot wait to meet you <3 I am local to Bend Oregon but have my travel open for destination elopements and weddings.

…… and you’re still waiting for the first half of this elopement day at Tumalo Mountain aren’t you? I will link it HERE just as soon as I get it up 😉

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