Winter Bridal Shoot at Suttle Lake

I had this idea to do a winter bridal shoot at suttle lake, and I went up to scout the location a week beforehand. When I was scouting it was covered in thick blanket of snow and lightly snowing soft white snowflakes. It was PERFECT and exactly what I had envisioned for my winter bridal shoot. Of course, weather here in Bend, Oregon is rarely reliable, especially not for in the winter. When the day of the shoot arrived, we had sun, clear skies, and most of the fresh snow had melted off the trees surrounding Suttle Lake. To be clear this was great weather, just not what I was hoping for —- but in Oregon you just get what you get! This winter bridal shoot at Suttle Lake was another sucess regardless of my wintery expectations 🙂

bride in wedding dress at winter elopement in bend oregon at suttle lake

Scrolling Pinterest a few months back I came across a photo with a bride on a white solid backdrop centered in a beautiful green park with gorgeous trees to the side and background. It gave me the idea to recreate my own backdrop. My husband took me to the hardware store and we sourced these foam boards with silver metallic surface. These the right height and width but I didn’t know until looking back at the pictures that they show every divot, scratch and dent. All in the name of experimenting… thats why I love to do these creative shoots!

bride in wedding dress at winter elopement in bend oregon at suttle lake

The full midday sun was not what I had hoped for this day, it still worked out beautifully. Suttle Lake in Oregon is a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding or elopement and these photos just make that even more clear.

I have photographed engagement sessions and a proposal at Suttle Lake, and each time it looks a little different and unique. The cool thing about this location is it is only 45 minutes from Bend, Oregon, and offers stunning views of Black Butte. There are several shore access points around the lake that would be perfect for your own elopement. Don’t forget Suttle Lake Lodge, which has lodging, and is SO adorable you’ll feel so cozy.

I worked with Bella Brides in downtown Bend, Oregon on this photoshoot. This dress is actually called “The Esther”, and I don’t think that could be more perfect! My friend Emily modeled for me, and she is not a professional model but you could never tell. The bouquet I crafted from Trader Joes myself, and I also did her hair and makeup. I absolutely love creating each little element to these creative bridal photoshoots, as well as doing the location scouting, styling, and photographing the actual shoot. It just so refreshing to just create for fun.

Each little detail offers something unique to tie everything together, from the color and texture of the flowers, to the wedding rings, and nails. Everything is planned.

winter bridal shoot at suttle lake in bend oregon

Even in winter the Central Oregon sun can be so warming. I love the softness it gives the snow covered bank. If you are planning a winter elopement, you’re in for a treat! Winter elopement landscapes are some of my favorite to photograph.

winter bridal shoot at suttle lake in bend oregon

This photoshoot was in collaboration with Bella Brides in Bend, Oregon. An exceptional stop to find your dream wedding dress.

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