Why Elope in Oregon?

Why Elope in Oregon?

Why not would be my answer! 

Let’s cover the first part of that question… why elope? Whether you and your partner are starting to think about it or actively planning your special moment, eloping is excellent for couples who want to experience an intimate wedding celebration. Think of it as a day focused on just the two of you, without pressure, stress, anxiety, or obligations. It’s also a great way to save money for all your future life plans.

So if you choose to elope, it’s probably because you want to eliminate unwanted stressful situations from your life (family and societal pressures to have a traditional wedding, etc.). Instead, you’re choosing to have a day that reflects your unique, authentic relationship… eloping is the best way to start your lives with an epic adventure.

bride and groom elopement at an Oregon waterfall mid august

Why hire an elopement photographer?

Again, why not?! This may be the most memorable moment of your life. It is the official start of a lifelong adventure together. Don’t you want it to be captured, so you can share the moment with friends and family later?

Other reasons for hiring an elopement photographer include being recommended extraordinary, under-the-radar photographic locations that you might not know about. An elopement photographer can also help eliminate some of the stress associated with planning for the special day.

You should pick an elopement photographer that reflects your lifestyle and with whom you both feel comfortable. You want it to feel like you’re hanging out with your best friend.

Why Elope in Oregon?

Now that we’ve covered what eloping means and why you need an elopement photographer, let’s talk about the beautiful state of Oregon as a backdrop for it.

The Oregon Coast is a picturesque place to elope. It boasts historic lighthouses, rugged seaside cliffs, sandy beaches, unique rock formations, and lush vegetation—the perfect setting for a photographer to capture a stunning elopement shot.

The Eastern Region of Oregon also has some breathtaking locations for photoshoots. Can you imagine having Hells Canyon, Painted Hills, or the Wallowa Mountains as a backdrop to your elopement pictures? How about an old western vibe in Sumpter or Pendleton?

Let’s not forget about the Central Region of Oregon!  The town of Sisters looks like the movie set for a western film (and elopement photoshoot, of course). You could also have a barren blanket of lava as a background or a glassy turquoise, or a sapphire, and emerald-colored natural pool.

Picture this: You and your significant other leave Bend in the morning after grabbing a cappuccino at a wonderful local coffee shop. You drive about 30 minutes, and your first shoot location involves snow-shoeing up Tumalo Mountain. Next up, head north 30 minutes to Smith Rock to enjoy breathtaking scenery and warm, dry weather. Oregon is incredible for that: you can experience different seasons and weather within an hour’s drive!

Let’s discuss the Oregon weather myth while we’re at it. Most people think it’s always cloudy, rainy, and cold in all of Oregon, but it’s only true if you are on the West side of the Cascade Range. In case you didn’t know, the Cascades are a major mountain range of western North America, extending from British Columbia through Oregon to North California! If you go West of the mountain range, the weather is quite dry and sunny most of the year, making it ideal for year-round elopements.

To help you dream further about your elopement, here are more incredible places that makes Oregon so incredible.

  • Lakes everywhere, not only near Bend but all over Oregon! Elk, Sparks, Hosmer, Crescent, Suttle, Clear, Trillium, Waldo, Diamond, Billy Chinook, Devils, Todd, and Crater are some of the most scenic lakes and best for elopement photos.
  • Stunning Waterfalls: Tumalo falls, Proxy falls, Pringle falls, Sahalie falls, Toketee Falls, and Multnomah Falls, are some of the most popular.
  • Oregon Badlands: arid landscapes, old-growth junipers, and sage for miles, rolling hills scattered with ponderosa pines will make your mouth drop.
  • Mountains, Mountains, Mountains: Mount Hood, Mount Bachelor, Broken top, Mount Jefferson, and Three sisters, just to name a few.
  • Green, lush forests: Ferns, Pine trees, and smaller bushes… everything you need for dreamy elopement vibes. 
  • Vibrant wildflowers: red Paintbrushes, white Trilliums, Fritillarias, and let’s not forget the state flower, the Tall Oregon grape, also known as Mahonia aquifolium.
  • Dead forests: this vast area is filled with white trees sticking up like toothpicks along the hillsides below the Cascade Mountain range. This is a highly unique scenery and was caused by the wildfires.

Why pick ME in Oregon as your elopement photographer?

If you are a carefree, laidback, and adventurous bride-to-be, Oregon is the best match for you to elope and for me to capture the magical moment. I promise to keep the mood light and fun, while still taking incredibly beautiful pictures of your authentic and memorable day. Photographing elopements in Oregon never gets old, trust me!

If you also have questions about How to Elope in Oregon (LINK HERE), such as the best time of year to elope and local marriage laws, please visit my blog section and feel free to contact me!

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