Elopement vs Wedding: Whats right for you?

What is the difference between an Elopement and a Wedding? I’m a destination wedding and elopement photographer, lets talk about it!

In the grand tapestry of love and commitment, couples are confronted with a myriad of choices for commemorating their union. Among these choices, elopements and weddings have emerged as two distinct paths, each offering a unique canvas for couples to paint their love story. While both encapsulate the promise of forever, they unfold in distinctive ways, appealing to different preferences and styles. In this exploration, we delve into the key differentiators between elopements and weddings, guiding you towards a choice that resonates with the essence of your singular love story.


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While the opinions and definitions differ depending on who you talk to, here are some practical guidelines to help differentiate between weddings and elopements.

  • Guest Count: Elopements, the epitome of intimacy, typically host a modest gathering of 10 or fewer guests. This intimate setting allows couples to bask in the purity of their connection without the orchestrated grandeur of a larger audience. In contrast, weddings often embrace a more extensive guest list, transforming the celebration into a communal expression of love shared with family and friends.
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  • Location Freedom: Elopements grant couples the freedom to script their love story against any backdrop that holds personal significance. Be it a majestic mountaintop, a tranquil lakeshore, a romantic Italian cityscape, or a secluded cabin in the woods, elopements thrive on the limitless possibilities of location. Weddings, while offering flexibility, may be influenced by the need to accommodate larger groups, guiding couples towards more traditional venue choices considering the comfort of the crowd.
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  • Event Structure: Elopements embrace an unbridled freedom in structuring the day, allowing couples to tailor the experience to their desires. The focus remains unwaveringly on the couple’s unique narrative, with minimal adherence to traditional timelines. In contrast, weddings often follow a more structured schedule, encompassing cherished rituals such as dances, toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet tosses, creating a more formalized celebration. Elopements let you be the DJ of your day – play your favorite tunes with minimal interruptions. No strict schedule, just vibes. Weddings bring in the choreography with dances, toasts, cake cutting – the whole dance floor enchilada. It’s a more scripted affair but with all the feel-good moments.
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  • Intimacy vs. Tradition: Elopements shine in their ability to forge an intimate and deeply personal experience. Couples can exchange vows in a private setting, cherishing moments away from external influences. Weddings, while capable of intimacy, often incorporate various traditions and rituals, offering a more formal and communal expression of commitment.
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  • Photography Opportunities: Both elopements and weddings provide fertile ground for capturing cherished moments through photography. Elopements, with their emphasis on nature and intimate interactions, allow photographers to weave a visual narrative against breathtaking backdrops. Weddings, with their vibrant celebrations, offer photographers a dynamic canvas to document the collective joy and excitement shared among a larger group.
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  • Investing in Your Love Story: Elopements are less of an investment. With a smaller guest count and a more relaxed atmosphere, elopements let you allocate resources toward experiences that truly matter to you. On the other hand, weddings, with their grander scale and traditional elements, represent a more significant emotional and financial investment. Intimate elopements focus on cherished moments while an all out grand wedding event speaks to the grandeur of a shared journey.
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Ultimately, the choice between an elopement and a wedding hinges on the nuances of your relationship, values, and the story you wish to tell. Each path has its own allure, and the key lies in aligning your celebration with the authentic essence of your love. Whether you opt for the quiet poetry of an elopement or the orchestrated symphony of a wedding, either way can be so wonderful!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m a destination wedding & elopement photographer based in Bend Oregon. I absolute love photographing both days and having allll the variety in my life. Lets talk about your day, head HERE to connect with me, I can’t wait to chat 🙂

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