The Last Blockbuster Vintage Elopement

This vintage styled elopement shoot at the Last Blockbuster on earth in Bend Oregon was so satisfying to pull together. The Last Blockbuster on earth isn’t the first place you’d think of when it comes to eloping. But I honestly feel like thats the whole point of eloping— to choose the unordinary. Switch things up from the expected traditional wedding roster. I planned this styled shoot with the finite feeling in mind. The Last Blockbuster on earth really makes me feel nostalgic. A sort of pining for the past if you will. When shooting this vintage styled elopement, I focused on just letting my creativity fly. No rules are the best rules!!!

M + A braved the cold windy January chill for a bit before we ran inside the Last Blockbuster on earth. (I had spoken with the manager earlier in the month to gain permission to shoot here.) It was bustling with quite a few people so we remained respectful to their customers while we took photos.

I really wanted to get vintage vibes from this shoot and I’m so fcking thrilleddd with these. How cute is her dress too? Come onnn I’m obsessed

The yellow coloring of the indoor lights was such a fun challenge for me. Typically I lean into artificial flash if I don’t have natural sunlight but this was all part of the vibes. And the vibes were vibin.

Tell me this doesn’t make you want to go to a movie rental and have a date night tho????

Okay BRB i’m going to make some popcorn and throw on Sleepless in Seattle…..

No but on a real note, if you’re thinking of eloping but don’t know where to start? I’m HERE! Eloping is not a one size fits all. It is here for ALL the unique, untraditional, and quirky. Whether you’re planning something for a whole weekend at Lake Como in Italy, or a few hours in downtown at the courthouse and eating cake at the park. If you vibe with my style of photographing, lets chat! Head to my contact page HERE

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