Destination Engagement Location: Tulip Fields

If you’re looking for a whimsical romantic destination engagement location, look no further than the Tulip Fields at Wooden Shoe near Eugene Oregon. This Farm boasts several different colors of tulips across many different fields. If you happen to go on a Saturday like we did, prepare for big crowds and lots of tourists. I would recommend going on a weekday if your schedule can allow. Although, if you have a good photographer, the crowds shouldn’t be too big of a problem 😉

This was the end of April, and this area of Oregon is widely notorious for being rainy but we lucked out with one of the hottest days of spring! Midday sun is typically not the lighting that your photographer will suggest, but sometimes I love the bright colors and contrast it brings. I wanted this photoshoot to feel like a warm spring date, carefree and soaked in sunshine. Mackenzie + Steve were so fun and had no problem executing my vision. Although this was a planned shoot and we had never met before, it was so fun to hangout with them for the hour! That’s not uncommon, but I usually like to get to know you a bit before I have you making out in front of my camera LOL (Usually I’ll meet you via quick phone chat or at the very least several emails.)

Maybe you don’t need destination engagement photos but you’re thinking you want some fresh couples photos— this is a really good cute location! If you aren’t local to Oregon, check the web for some floral fields near you. Lavender fields also make an EPIC photoshoot location. Slightly unrelated but I’ve always wanted to shoot in a ripe fruit orchard! So whether or not you’re looking for destination engagement photo inspiration or just thinking you want some fun couples photos, hit me up bestie 🙂

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